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No. Rows97
Mailing Addresses97
Website URLs18

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1Company NumberCompany NameIncorporation DateAddress Line 1Address Line CityAddress Line ZipAgent NameWebsiteOfficers
2M15000004810Sacyr Construction Usa Llc2015-06-181701 Pennsylvannia Avenue NwWashington20006C T Corporation System[["MGR","Vilardell, Carlos L","1701 Pennsylvannia Avenue Nw #300\nWashington, Dc 20006"]]
3P0900004347411420 Corp.2009-05-15C/O D. Vidal-Cordero Law OfficesWashington20006Incorp Services, Inc.[["DP","Sarria-Diaz, Rafael A","C\/O D. Vidal-Cordero Law Offices\n1875 I Street, Nw - Suite 500\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["DT","Ferreras Garza, Albino","C\/O D. Vidal-Cordero Law Offices\n1875 I Street, Nw - Suite 500\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["DS","Hidalgo De Sarria, Mireyacarolina","C\/O D. Vidal-Cordero Law Offices\n1875 I Street, Nw\nSuite 500\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["Officer","Vidal-Cordero, David","Law Offices D. Vidal-Cordero\n1875 I Street, Nw - Suite 500\nWashington, Dc 20006"]]
4M09000004610300 South Duval Associates, Llc2009-11-231625 Eye StreetNw Washington20006C T Corporation System[["Member","The Union Labor Life Insurance Company","8403 Colesville Rd.\nSilver Spring, MD 20910"]]
5L13000044303301 North Ocean, Llc2013-03-221629 K Street Nw, Suite 900Washington20006Nrai Services, Inc[["Member","Davis, Floyd E., Iii","C\/O Floyd E. Davis Company\n1629 K Street Nw, Suite 900\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["Member","Floyd E. Davis, Iii Trust U\/A 6","C\/O Floyd E. Davis Company\n1629 K Street Nw, Suite 900\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["Member","Floyd E. Davis, Iii Trust U\/A 7","C\/O Floyd E. Davis Company\n1629 K Street Nw, Suite 900\nWashington, Dc 20006"]]
6M14000001144209 N. Federal, Llc2014-02-171629 K Street, NwWashington20006Warren & Grant, P.A.[["MGR","Fdc Associates, Llc","1629 K Street, Nw\nWashington, Dc 20006"]]
7L09000107522959 Bay Oak Lane Llc2009-11-06910 17th Street, NwWashington20006Law Offices Of John E. Moore, Iii, Pllc[["MGR","Webster, Robert Kenly","910 17th Steet, Nw\nSuite 800\nWashington, Dc 20006"]]
8L12000106747115 Venetian, Llc2012-08-171629 K Street Nw, Suite 900Washington20006Nrai Services, Inc[["Managing Member","John G. Davis Trust U\/A 6","1629 K Street Nw\nSuite 900\nWashington, Dc 20006"]]
9F97000006749Finra Regulation, Inc.1997-12-151735 K Street, NwWashington20006Corporation Service Companyhttp://www.finra.org/[["CEO, PRESIDENT, CHAIRMAN","Ketchum, Richard G","1735 K Street, Nw\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["TREASURER, EVP, CFO","Diganci, Todd T","1735 K Street, Nw\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["SECRETARY, SVP, AUTH SIGNER","Asquith, Marcia E","1735 K Street, Nw\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["EVP","Wollman, Bill","1735 K Street, Nw\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["DIRECTOR","Kovack Esq., Brian J","6451 N Federal Hwy, Ste 1201\nFort Lauderdale, FL 33308"],["DIRECTOR","Madrian, Brigitte C","79 Jfk St, Mailbox 114\nCambridge, MA 02138"],["EVP","Funkhouser, Cameron","1735 K Street, Nw\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["CHIEF RISK OFFICER","Di Florio, Carlo V","1735 K Street, Nw\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["DIRECTOR","Davidson, Carol Anthony","4851 Bonita Bay Blvd Ste 1404\nBonita Springs, FL 34134"],["DIRECTOR","Plosser, Charles I","9 Laurel Oak Rd\nAmelia Island, FL 32034"],["DIRECTOR","Walter, Elisse B","7529 Royal Dominion Dr\nBethesda, MD 20817"],["SVP","Walsh, Geraldine M","1735 K Street, Nw\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["EVP","Ahern, Gregory","1735 K Street, Nw\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["EVP","Bennett, J Bradley","1735 K Street, Nw\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["DIRECTOR","Weddle, James D","12555 Manchester Rd\nSt Louis, MO 63131"],["DIRECTOR","Brennan, John J","439 Chandlee Dr\nBerwyn, PA 19312"],["DIRECTOR","Schmidlin, John W","15 Springcroft Rd\nFar Hills, NJ 07931"],["DIRECTOR","Thiel, John W","2 World Financial Center, 42\nNew York, NY 10281"],["CHIEF ECONOMIST, SVP","Sokobin, Jonathan S","1735 K Street, Nw\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["DIRECTOR","Mecane, Joseph M","745 Seveth Ave 3rd Fl\nNew York, NY 10019"],["DIRECTOR","Romano, Joseph R.V.","1560 Sherman Ave Ste 1300\nEvanston, IL 60201"],["DIRECTOR","Murphy, Kathleen A","200 Seaport Blvd, V7A\nBoston, MA 02210"],["DIRECTOR","Seidman, Leslie","10 Beechwood Ln\nWestport, CT 06880"],["DIRECTOR","Viceira, Luis M","Baker Library 367\nBoston, MA 02163"],["DIRECTOR","Cresap, Mark W","259 Radnor-Chester rd Ste 140\nRadnor, PA 19087"],["EVP","Rufino, Michael","1735 K Street, Nw\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["DIRECTOR","Quarles, Randal K","79 S Main St 3rd Fl\nSalt Lake City, UT 84111"],["EVP","Berry, Richard W","1735 K Street, Nw\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["VICE PRESIDENT","Renner, Robert","1735 K Street, Nw\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["CHIEF LEGAL OFFICER","Colby, Robert","1735 K Street, Nw\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["DIRECTOR","Kennan Jr, Robert","1609 W Main St\nRussellville, AR 72801"],["DIRECTOR","Scully, Robert W","9 E 79th St\nNew York, NY 10075"],["DIRECTOR","Lazarus, Rochelle","636 11th Ave\nNew York, NY 10036"],["EVP","Joachim, Steven A","1735 K Street, Nw\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER, EVP","Randich, Steven J","1735 K Street, Nw\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["EVP","Axelrod, Susan F","1735 K Street, Nw\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["DIRECTOR","Jenah, Susan Wolburgh","192 Carmichael Ave\nToronto, On M5M 2X3 CA"],["EVP","Gira, Thomas","1735 K Street, Nw\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["EVP","Selman, Thomas M","1735 K Street, Nw\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["SVP","Johnson, Tracy","1735 K Street, Nw\nWashington, Dc 20006"],["DIRECTOR","Heyman, William H","385 Washington St\nSaint Paul, MN 55102"]]
10M060000012461629 I, Llc2006-03-011629 K Street Nw, Suite 1200Washington20006Nrai Services, Inc[["MGR","Camalier, F. Davis","1629 K Street Nw Ste 1200\nWashington, Dc 20006"]]
11M060000070721629 Iii, Llc2006-12-201629 K Street, Nw Suite 1200Washington20006Nrai Services, Inc[["MGRM","Fdc Enterprise Investment, Llc","1629 K Street, Nw Suite 1200\nWashington, Dc 20006"]]

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