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1Company NumberCompany NameIncorporation DateAddress Line 1Address Line CityAddress Line ZipAgent NameWebsiteOfficers
2F140000014494Life Events, Inc.2014-04-019850 South 300West Sandy84070C T Corporation Systemhttps://www.4life.com/[["Director, President","Tew, Steven D.","9850 South 300\nWest Sandy, UT 84070"],["Director, CFO, Secretary","Ostler, Mark F.","9850 South 300\nWest Sandy, UT 84070"],["Director","Lisonbee, David","9850 South 300\nWest Sandy, UT 84070"]]
3F03000001164Incontact, Inc.2003-03-0475 W. Towne Ridge Parkway,Sandy84070Nrai Services, Inchttp://www.incontact.com/[["CEO, Director","Jarman, Paul","75 West Towne Ridge Parkway, Tower 1 \nSandy, UT 84070"],["Assistant Secretary","Partridge, Kimm","7730 S. Union Park Ave, Suite 500\nMidvale, UT 84047"],["CFO","Ayers, Gregory S","75 West Towne Ridge Parkway, Tower 1 \nSandy, UT 84070"],["VP","Robinson, William","75 West Towne Ridge Parkway, Tower 1 \nSandy, UT 84070"],["Secretary","Lloyd, Daniel","75 West Towne Ridge Parkway, Tower 1 \nSandy, UT 84070"],["Director","Eilam , Barak","75 West Towne Ridge Parkway, Tower 1 \nSandy, UT 84070"],["Director","Porat, Eran","75 West Towne Ridge Parkway, Tower 1\nSandy, UT 84070"]]
4857908Advantage Workers Compensation Insurance Company1983-09-28100 West Towne Ridge Pkwy #110Sandy84070Chief Financial Officer[["PD","Kuball, Glen S","100 West Towne Ridge Parkway\nSandy, UT 84070"],["C","Summerhays, Lane A","100 West Towne Ridge Parkway\nSandy, UT 84070"],["D","Pickup, Ray D","100 West Towne Ridge Parkway\nSandy, UT 84070"],["Secretary","Self, Steven R","100 West Towne Ridge Pkwy #110\nSandy, UT 84070"],["Treasurer","Wright, Nicholas B","100 West Towne Ridge Pkwy #110\nSandy, UT 84070"],["Director","Smith, Craig","100 West Towne Ridge Pkwy #110\nSandy, UT 84070"],["Director","Van De Graaf, Jacobus J","100 West Towne Ridge Pkwy #110\nSandy, UT 84070"],["Director","Seitz, Daniel B","111 Monument Circle, #2700\nIndianapolis, IN 46204"],["Director","Bradford, Dallas H","100 West Towne Ridge\nSandy, UT 84070"],["Director","Livingston, Roger","100 West Towne Ridge Pkwy\nSandy, UT 84070"]]
5F02000004515Batteries & Bands, Inc.2002-09-049298 S 500 WSandy84070C T Corporation System[["President","Willes, Steven","9298 S 500 W\nSandy, UT 84070"],["V","Fraga, Roberto D","1233 East Wild Hay Ln\nDraper, UT 84020"],["D","Fraga, Daniel E","1229 East Wild Hay Ln.\nDraper, UT 84020"]]
6F14000000203Azteca Systems Enterprises, Inc.2014-01-1311075 South State StreetSandy84070C T Corporation System[["DTS","Hristou, Peter S","11075 South State Street, #24\nSandy, UT 84070"],["CFO","Hristou, Peter S","11075 South State Street, #24\nSandy, UT 84070"],["DP","Haslam, Brian L","11075 South State Street, #24\nSandy, UT 84070"],["CEO","Haslam, Brian L","11075 South State Street, #24\nSandy, UT 84070"],["DVS","Haslam, Brent A","11075 South State Street, #24\nSandy, UT 84070"]]
7M02000002186SCP 2003D-12 Llc2002-08-208494 S. 700 EastSandy84070C T Corporation System[["M","Ashby, Christopher J","8494 S. 700 East\nSandy, UT 84070"],["M","Beynon, Scott W","8494 S. 700 East\nSandy, UT 84070"],["M","Andregg, David","8494 S. 700 East\nSandy, UT 84070"]]
8F05000005207Ranlife, Inc.2005-09-019272 S 700 ESandy84070Corporation Service Company[["PRES","Walker, Gregory M","9272 S 700 E\nSandy, UT 84070"],["Owner \/ Loan Officer","Weilacher, Scott M","9272 S 700 E\nSandy, UT 84070"],["Secretary","Smith, Garr K","9272 S 700 E\nSandy, UT 84070"]]
9P10000059119YM Retail Inc.2010-07-1963 E 11400 SSandy84070Chibnik, Louis[["P","Mizrahi, Yogev","8871 W Flamingo Rd\nLas Vegas, NV 89147"]]
10L01000000364Florida West-Wilkinson Investments, Llc2001-01-09680 East Stonefly DriveSandy84070C T Corporation System[["MGR","West, Wilburn Clyde Jr.","680 East Stonefly Drive\nSandy, UT 84070"]]
11M11000005509Sol Horizon, Llc2011-11-01280 W 10200 SSandy84070Incorp Services, Inc.[["MGR","Rowser, Brent","280 W 10200 S\nSandy, UT 84070"],["MGR","Pederson, Jefferson","280 W 10200 S\nSandy, UT 84070"]]

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